Media freedom monitoring and safety of journalists

MISA Malawi monitors, records and collates media freedom and freedom of expression violations in Malawi.

This includes tracking incidents of harassment, attacks and assault as well as arbitrary detention and sentencing that restrict the work of individual media professionals and threatens journalists’ safety. We also track actions that violate people’s right to freedom of expression, including the right to online expression.

We post individual reports on media freedom violations to our website. We also publish the annual So This is Democracy report which collates these incidents.

Media freedom monitoring helps us provide relevant support to journalists, media practitioners and institutions whose rights are violated. The research aspect also enables MISA Malawi to develop a greater understanding of media violations and allows the organisation to identify and track emerging issues and trends.

Media violations

Malawi MPs decriminalise ‘insulting’ the ‘President’

Malawi MPs decriminalise ‘insulting’ the ‘President’

Members of Parliament (MPs) on Tuesday, November 29, 2022 amended Section 4 of the Protected Flag, Emblems and Names Act of 1967 by removing the word 'President' from the Act. This means 'insulting' the 'President' is no longer a criminal offence under the Act. Flag,...