MISA Malawi is a membership-based organisation. The membership is open to all individuals and institutions that subscribe to MISA Malawi ideals. Currently, MISA Malawi individual members include people working in private, community and public media institutions as well as human rights activists. Institutional members include media houses and journalism and media training institutions. Individuals and institutions renew their membership annually (information on how you do this, fees and the membership form are available here).

MISA Malawi members meet annually during an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM elects members of the MISA Malawi National Governing Council (NGC) and is the highest decision making structure of the organisation.

Here is the Copy of MISA Malawi Constitution as revised in 2020: NAMISA_Constitution – Revised

National Governing Council (NGC)

Every three years, MISA Malawi members elect five members to serve on the National Governing Council. Three of the five Council members are elected from among the membership during the annual general meeting. The other two members, a lawyer and a chartered accountant, are co-opted based on their area of expertise.

Chairperson: Golden Matonga

Cell: +265 99619705  Email: goldenmatonga@gmail.com

Vice Chairperson: Chisomo Ngulube

Council Member: Nathan Majawa

Council Member : Steve Zimba

MISA Malawi Lawyer: Chikondi Kasambara

MISA Accountant: Lilian Khofi

The Secretariat

The Council provides policy direction in the running of the Secretariat, who are MISA Malawi employees. The Secretariat currently has three full-time members of staff and two interns.

National Director: Aubrey Chikungwa Aubrey Chikungwa holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and a Master of Arts in Communication for Development. He has been with MISA Malawi since 2009 as the National Director in charge of the Chapter’s operations.

Cell: +265 999 327 311 Email: aubrey_chikungwa@yahoo.com

Programmes Officer: Moses Chitsulo Before joining MISA Malawi in 2018, Moses was a politics and governance reporter with the Times Group. He has also managed different projects and consultancies. Moses holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the Malawi Polytechnic, University of Malawi.

Accountant: Mayamiko Kachipande Mayamiko holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Cultural Studies (PR Major) from the University of Malawi and a Certificate in Financial Accounting presented by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Malawi (ICAM). Since joining MISA Malawi, she has managed grants and multi donor funded projects.