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MISA Malawi sets 2024 as deadline to complete construction of training centre

MISA Malawi Dinner and Dance
6 Dec, 2023
Dinner and Dance Fundraiser grossed K31.5 million in support from over 15 institutions.

MISA Malawi fundraising committee plans to implement various fundraising initiatives over the next 12 months with December 2024 as the target to finalise construction of Mtolankhani training centre.

Committee Chairperson Wisely Phiri told patrons at a dinner and dance fundraiser in Lilongwe on Saturday, December 2, 2023, that the committee expects three more events over the course of next year before the construction project is finalised.

Phiri promised the committee will be transparent with the funds received.

“We will be updating members with all the cost involved in this project vis-à-vis the funds received.

“This is work in progress and we will continue knocking on your doors for more support and partnerships. Please don’t get tired of us,” Phiri said.

In his keynote address during the event, FDH Financial Holdings Limited Chief Executive Officer William Mpinganjira said investing in capacity building of the media is very important.

Mpinganjira called on the media to value integrity in their work and develop a spirit of professionalism.

“Journalists should go beyond public relations for the private sector. It is important to tell the private sector where things are not going on well. It is also important to write about the positive developments in the sector. Journalists do more than PR because you are more than PR,” Mpinganjira said.

Minister of Information and Digitalisation Moses Kunkuyu said government believes that only a well-informed Malawi will be able to play its role in building the nation and that can be achieved with a free, independent, well trained, but responsible and ethical media.

“Let me salute MISA Malawi for its continued efforts to capacitate the media in Malawi and ensuring that the media has its own space at Mtolankhani House for various capacity building interventions for the media,” Kunkuyu said.

The Dinner and Dance fundraiser at Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe was held under the theme ‘Media as a Strategic Partner for Private Sector Growth and Viability’ and it grossed K31.5 million in support from over 15 private and public institutions.

MISA Malawi Vice Chairperson Chisomo Ngulube said capacity building initiatives for members and stakeholders is at the centre of the Chapter’s work. She said advocacy for media freedom and freedom of expression thrives where professionalism is the order of the day

Mtolankhani training centre building is currently at ring beam level.

About MISA

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) was founded in 1992. Its work focuses on promoting, and advocating for, the unhindered enjoyment of freedom of expression, access to information and a free, independent, diverse and pluralistic media.

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