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MISA Malawi fights misinformation through fact-checking skills for journalists

Fact-Checking training Malawi
17 Sep, 2023
12 journalists are set for Fact-Checking Skills training.
MISA Malawi has said the upcoming five-day training on Fact-Checking Skills for Journalists will ensure accuracy reporting, media freedom and protect democracy.
The training, to be held virtually, is scheduled for Monday, September 18 to Friday, September 22, 2023.
MISA Malawi Chairperson Golden Matonga said equipping journalists with fact-checking skills builds credibility in their work and avert unnecessary lawsuits.
“More importantly, this training is another step in combating disinformation and fake news, which are ever on the rise as technology enabling the spread of both is equally spreading.
We have elections in 2025, and to protect our democracy, we need to ensure that our journalists are able to call out fake news and present facts to the public,” Matonga said.
12 journalists from different media outlets are set for the training, which is part of Journalism Education project that MISA Malawi is implementing in partnership with DW Akademie.
Fact-Checking Skills for Journalists Training is a response to increasing cases of online and offline misinformation and disinformation in Malawi and across the world. MISA Malawi believes journalists who possess fact-checking skills are crucial in the fight against such information ills.
Topics to be tackled during the training include; fact-checking politicians and elections and how to check and verify images and videos.

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