MISA Malawi condemns use of swearwords by MBCTV

MISA Malawi condemns use of swearwords by MBCTV

The use of swearwords by public broadcaster MBC TV on Monday evening is immoral and an attack on professional journalism.

The TV station used swearwords in its 7 pm Chichewa Bulletin of Monday, May 11, 2020. In the report that was narrated by journalist Henry Haukeya, the station used a screenshot of Facebook comments with swearwords targeted at the Vice President Saulos Chilima.

MBC management has since apologized for the broadcast saying it was an oversight on the part of the editorial team.

MISA Malawi however finds the broadcast not only shameful but a serious attack on journalism and Malawi’s moral standards. It is against Malawian culture and the principles and values of professional journalism.

The Communications Act of 2016 is clear on MBC’s public service obligations. It is appalling that the public broadcaster acted in such a manner.

MISA Malawi would like to urge individual journalists at MBC to rise above partisan journalism and embrace a culture of professionalism and integrity to safeguard their own career, media freedom and independence.

We also ask Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) to discipline MBC and ensure the station is professional and operates according to the provisions of the Communications Act. Parliament should also take concrete steps that would guarantee nonpartisan programming at MBC at all times.

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