Our people

Our people

Our people at MISA Malawi interviewing

MISA Malawi is a membership based organisation.

National Governing Council

Every three years, MISA Malawi members elect the National Governing Council (NGC). Three of the five Council members are elected from among the membership during an annual general meeting. The other two members are co-opted based on their area of expertise and include a lawyer and a chartered accountant.

The Secretariat
The Council provides policy direction in the running of the Secretariat, who are MISA Malawi employees. The structure provides for three full-time members of staff and two interns.

National Director

Aubrey Chikungwa is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and a Master of Arts in Communication for Development and has been with MISA Malawi as National Director since 2009. Chikungwa is in charge of the Chapter’s operations.

National Governing Council

MISA Malawi has the following members in the National Governing Council (NGC):

 Chairperson: Thom Khanje

Khanje has a strong media background, working for more than 15 years as a business reporter and editor. Khanje has been involved in MISA since 2012, when he was elected Vice Chairperson of MISA Malawi. He is currently Communications Manager at Malawi’s largest agriculture produce market, AHL Commodities Exchange.

Vice Chairperson: Yvonne Sundu

Sundu is a respected Malawian journalist, who specialises in Arts and Entertainment reporting. She is currently working for one of country’s publishing giants Nation Publications Limited, publishers of The Nation, Weekend Nation, Nation on Sunday and the community developmental newspaper, Fuko.

Winnie Botha: Council Member

Botha is a broadcast journalist with more than five year’s experience. She is passionate about Malawi further developing a three-tier system of broadcasting, with public service, commercial and community broadcasters.

Mandala Mambulasa: MISA Lawyer

Mambulasa is a co-opted member of the NGC, having served MISA Malawi in this capacity since 2011. Mambulasa, a respected human rights lawyer, is a former Chairperson of the Malawi Law Society. MISA Malawi benefits from his valuable human rights knowledge and corporate governance experience.

Wiza Mwenitete Ng’oma: MISA Accountant

Ng’oma is a chartered accountant, currently working at Price Waterhouse Coopers as an auditor. Ng’oma brings to MISA Malawi valuable finance and accounting experience to enable the organization to effectively manage resources and win donor confidence.