Our People

Our People

Our people at MISA Malawi interviewing

On June 24, 1994 MISA’s founding trustees, retired judge John Oliver Manyarara, Dr Gilbert Mudenda and Dr Bojosi Otlhogile signed a funding agreement with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). This marked the establishment of the MISA Education and Production Trust, which made the Trust Fund Board (TFB) the custodian of MISA objectives and funds. Since then, the TFB has been entrenched as an integral part of MISA with the responsibility of overseeing of the objectives of the NGO. The TFB approves MISA’s annual budget and the audited financial statements of the organisation.

The TFB is independent of MISA’s Regional Governing Council. It has the power to dissolve any MISA structure, to take disciplinary action against any unit of MISA and it is the final arbitrator in matters of conflict within MISA.

The trustees are prominent citizens of Southern Africa who are known for their commitment to media freedom, though they may not necessarily be media practitioners. Thus, TFB members are mostly lawyers, business consultants and freedom of expression activists. Trustees are nominated by MISA members and are appointed by sitting trustees.

MISA Malawi has a National Governing Council (NGC), the Secretariat and Membership. The National Governing Council is composed of five members who sit on the Council for a period of three years. Three of the members are elected from among the membership during an annual general meeting. The other two are co-opted based on their area of expertise. The two co-opted members are a lawyer and an accountant to guide and offer advice on legal and financial matters. The Council provides policy direction in the running of the Secretariat.

MISA Malawi (NAMISA) has a lean staff complement. The Chapter currently has three full time members of staff and two interns.

National Director

Aubrey Chikungwa is a holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and a Master of Arts in Communication for Development and has been with MISA Malawi as National Director since 2009. Chikungwa is in charge of the Chapter’s operations.

Accounts Officer

James Kamchikwe is the Accounts Officer and holds a Diploma in Financial Accounting and currently completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy. James has been with MISA Malawi since 2007.

Office Assistant

Gracious Njoka has been with MISA Malawi since 2007. He is a holder of the Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) and works as an Office Assistant

National Governing Council

MISA Malawi has the following members in the National Governing Council (NGC):

 Chairperson: Thom Khanje

Khanje is a respected journalist and business editor within the media fraternity. He is one of a few specialised journalists in the country. He is the current Head of Business News at Times Group – a group of media outlets comprising Times Television, Times FM and Blantyre Newspapers Limited which publishes The Daily Times, Malawi News and Sunday Times.

Vice Chairperson: Yvonne Sundu

Sundu is a respected female journalist in Malawi. She is a specialised Arts and Entertainment Journalist with over five years’ experience. She is currently with one of the publishing giants in the country, Nation Publications Limited, publishers of the Daily Nation, Weekend Nation, Nation on Sunday and a community developmental newspaper Fuko

Winnie Botha:Member

Winnie is a member of the NGC. She is a broadcaster with over five years’ experience and tremendous passion for the development of a three tier system of broadcasting i.e. Public Service Broadcasting, Commercial and Community.

Mandala Mambulasa

Mambulasa, a lawyer, is a co-opted member of the NGC. He has served MISA Malawi in that capacity since 2011. Mambulasa is also a former Chairperson of the Malawi Law Society and a respected human rights lawyer. Mambulasa brings to MISA Malawi valuable human rights knowledge and corporate governance experience having served as a board member of several high profile organisations in both the private and public sectors.

Wiza Mwenitete Ng’oma

Wiza is a chartered accountant and currently works at Price Waterhouse Coopers as an auditor. Wiza brings to MISA Malawi valuable finance and accounting experience to enable the Chapter effectively manage resources and win donor confidence.