Change of nomination system for some award categories in 2017

Award winners hold their trophies and smile

In response to the valid observations made by members on some flaws in the nomination system for some award categories under the Misa-Malawi World Press Freedom Day Awards, the National Governing Council of Misa-Malawi has agreed to immediately effect some changes with the aim of improving the process and to make sure that winners are selected only on merit.

The changes will apply in the nomination systems for the categories of 1. Talk Show Host of the Year, 2. Blogger of the Year and 3. Columnist of the Year Awards.

Under these categories, winners will now be selected through assessment by judges of nomination write-ups by the entrants or other members. The write-up should justify why the nominated member deserves the award. Sample published or aired articles and broadcasts can be submitted as examples of some of their works.

Entries for these categories should be submitted using the e-mail address: on
or before March 31, 2017.

Thom Khanje
Chairperson, MISA Malawi Chapter
Email: or mobile 0999143174