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Lifetime achiever award: Regulations

1. Purpose of the MISA Malawi Lifetime Achiever Award

To recognise individuals [and institutions] who have made significant contributions to the development of media industry and promotion of media freedom in Malawi.
The excellence which the award acknowledges can be achieved either through long professional service in the media industry or in other ways such as media reform, lobbying or training.

2. Eligibility

  1. The award will be given to an individual or [an institution] that has made significant contributions to the development of the media industry in Malawi
  2. The award can also be given to those – an individual or [an institution] – whose work enhances the cause of media freedom in the country and demonstrates courage, integrity and initiative.
  3. Past recipients of MISA Malawi Lifetime Achievement Award are not eligible to be declared as winners of the award for the second time. It is a once in a lifetime achievement.
  4. Past recipients of MISA’s (regional) highest lifetime achievement award – the MISA Press Freedom Award- are also not eligible (MISA Malawi can, however, nominate recipients of its local lifetime achievement award as a candidate for the MISA (Regional) Press Freedom Award and other international media awards.)
  5. The award can be given posthumously.
  6. Sitting members of MISA Malawi NGC, Secretariat Staff and competition judges cannot be declared recipients of the award, even if nominated.

3. Nominations

Who can nominate MISA Malawi Lifetime Achievement Award recipients?

  1. Media houses and media bodies
  2. Civil society groups and institutions of high learning
  3. MISA Malawi members and media practitioners
  4. Academicians, and consumers of media products i.e. readers, viewers, listeners
  5. Competition judges are not eligible to make nominations.

4. Criteria

Among the items to be considered are:

  • Body of journalistic work during career
  • Contribution to society through outstanding journalism
  • Contribution to the professional development of journalism
  • Contribution to the professional development of fellow journalists
  • Recognition and respect from peers and community
  • Journalism work which has enhanced the cause of media freedom and demonstrates courage, integrity and initiative
  • Excellence in journalism, which include upholding of ethics of the profession at all costs and the relentless pursuit of truth.

5. Entry


  1. The MISA Malawi Lifetime Achievement Award can only be entered into through WRITTEN nominations submitted between April 15 and 30 every year.
  2. All nominations should be accompanied by a motivation not exceeding 750 words stating how the nominee meets the awards criteria
  3. If possible, include the CV of the nominee.
  4. In the name of gender balance, those making nominations are encouraged to submit two names of male professional and a female professional who deserve recognition.
  5. Where applicable a copy of the work, or a portfolio of work, should be included with the nomination.

6. Declaration of recipients of the Lifetime Achiever Award

  1. The judges decision is final.

Nominations should be sent to the MISA Secretariat for the attention of the Awards Committee Chairperson no later than April 30.

The award will be presented to the recipient during the World Press Freedom Day gala dinner and award presentation ceremony.