MISA Malawi Media Awards

MISA Malawi Media Awards

Award winners hold their trophies and smile

A measure of excellence in the Malawi media sector

MISA Malawi’s media awards honour journalists whose writing reflects great effort and initiative and demonstrates high levels of skill and professionalism. They also recognise stories that change lives and inspire the journalism sector, and the country, to grow.

The media awards, which are held annually around World Press Freedom Day on May 3rd, were first given out in 2003. The awards have become a measure of quality journalism in Malawi with journalists and media houses vying to win.

Categories range from promoting specialisation in fields such as health, economics and human rights encouraging online expression. MISA Malawi also recognises investigative stories on malpractice or wrongdoing in the public and private sectors.

We put out a call for award entries every year between January and March. Each entry is then judged by a panel of professionals within a particular field.

Entry judging criteria

  • Originality. Does it rephrase, regurgitate, recycle or reuse material or information from an article published by someone else?
  • Impact. Has it attracted attention and reactions – either positive or negative – from the general public, as well as authorities or responsible figures?
  • Consistency. Does it cover an issue throughout its lifespan and present its ideas and information in a logical flow?
  • Courage. Did the author show initiative and persistence in uncovering facts and sources?
    Investigation and analysis. Is it do deeper analysis beyond the surface or rather parrot what what a source says?
  • Gender. Does it use gender-sensitive language, balance male and female voices and highlight how the issues affects both sexes?

Best performing awards

MISA Malawi also recognises the best performing media house, best community radio, radio/television talk show host, blogger, columnist of the year, and life time achiever. These winners are not judged according to the criteria listed above but rather are identified from submissions made by MISA Malawi members in line with the guidelines for each award.