Report a free expression violation

Report a free expression violation

We need your help to monitor the state of media in Malawi. If you have any information about a free expression or media freedom violation, please let us know.

What is a freedom of expression violation?

These include situations when journalists and freedom of expression activists are:

  • Assaulted
  • Arrested
  • Censored
  • Denied credentials
  • Harassed
  • Kidnapped
  • Killed
  • Missing
  • Threatened
  • Wrongfully expelled
  • Wounded
  • Wrongfully sued for libel or defamation.

News organisations that are:

  • Attacked or illegally searched
  • Censored
  • Closed by force
  • Raided, where editions are confiscated or transmissions are jammed or have materials confiscated or damaged
  • Wrongfully sued for libel or defamation.

What information should I include in my report?

To complete an accurate and relevant alert, please provide:

  • The names of the journalists and news organisations involved
  • The date and circumstances of the incident
  • Detailed background information.

How can I contact you?

You can contact MISA Malawi by phone on +265 1 758 091 or email us at

With your help, we can provide timely, accurate and relevant information that will spur people to take action against threats to media freedom and freedom of expression.