Campaign with us

Campaign with us

Campaign with us

MISA Malawi’s vision is of a Malawi where everyone enjoys freedom of expression and pluralism of views and opinions.

We campaign to help more people understand why this is important and to change the laws and practices impeding on this vision from becoming a reality. Join us today to help more Malawians exercise their fundamental human right to express themselves and to access information.

You can join one of our campaigns or contact us for help in organising your own activities.

Repeal of anti-media laws

MISA Malawi is currently lobbying government to repeal all insult and anti-media laws that limit constitutional guarantees on media freedom and freedom of expression. The country has maintained a number of colonial laws that aren’t in line with the country’s constitution and current democratic dispensation.

Access to information

MISA Malawi remains committed to promoting the right to access information. The Chapter is currently lobbying government to ensure that provisions of the Access to Information Act are implemented to empower Malawians to effectively participate governance processes.

Gender and the media

MISA Malawi is concerned with continued under-representation of women in the media both as sources and decision makers in the newsrooms. The Chapter is therefore calling all stakeholders to unite in the call for gender equality in the Malawi media, both print and electronic.

Celebrate with us

MISA Malawi coordinates the biggest gathering of media professionals and like minded institutions and individuals in celebrating World Press Freedom Day which falls on May 3 of every year. As part of these celebrations, MISA Malawi rewards outstanding professionalism under different beats as part of the MISA Malawi Media Awards. All partners and interested individuals are welcome to join us in celebrating the day by sponsoring one of our prestigious awards.