Become a MISA member

Become a MISA member

Become a MISA member and help our causes

MISA Chapters offer various types of membership, including membership for individuals, students and media institutions.

To become a member of MISA, first find out more about your local MISA Chapter Office.

MISA Malawi is a membership based advocacy organization. The organization has a National Governing Council (NGC) which provides policy direction to the Secretariat. The NGC reports to the membership during an Annual General Meeting, (AGM). The National Governing Council comprises of three elected and two co-opted members. The elected members are chosen from among the membership during an AGM. The AGM mandates the elected members to co-opt two professionals – a lawyer and an accountant, to also sit on the Council. The council provides policy direction in the running of the Secretariat and it is currently headed by Mr. Thom Khanje.

MISA Malawi members are divided into three categories; individual, institutional and associate:

  • Individual membership is welcome from media practitioners or persons who share MISA’s ideals. There are 310 members at the moment.
  • Institutional membership is for media houses that are not government-owned.
  • Associate is from civil society organizations which subscribe to the same ideals as those of MISA and journalism training institutions.

The organization ensures accountability to its members by organizing an Annual General Meeting for all its members to discuss and deliberate issues affecting the media fraternity as well as the organization. All MISA Malawi members are also connected on an on-line forum called the NAMISA Google Group discussion forum.

When you are ready to apply, complete this online form [AP84]and remember to select which MISA Chapter Office you want to join.

As a MISA member, you will be helping to build the strength and legitimacy we need to continue fighting for media freedom and freedom of expression in southern Africa.