Democracy and good governance

Democracy and good governance

MISA Malawi Media Freedom & Development

The UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which expire in 2015, have contributed to the improvement of livelihoods of countless human beings all over the world. At the current stage of the international debate on the Post-2015 Development Agenda, headed by the United Nations, there is a clear understanding that openness, transparency, freedom of speech, the media and access to information need to form an essential part of successful future development initiatives.

MISA Malawi, as any MISA Chapter across southern Africa, currently operates based a three year strategic plan that focuses on two broad thematic areas namely Media Monitoring and Research and Advocacy Campaigns. Under Media Monitoring and Research, MISA documents both positive and negative developments within the media sector and conducts research to inform and feed into its advocacy work.

MISA Malawi’s Media Monitoring and Research section aims to build capacity of media professionals through identification of knowledge gaps in the sector as well as strengthen the sector by identifying key factors that impede the work of the media. Once these gaps have been identified, MISA Malawi identifies partners to support financially and/or materially through training and orientations for media practitioners.

Our focus is to monitor the media landscape and provide practical support to journalists, media practitioners and institutions whose rights are violated. The research aspect enables MISA to develop a greater understanding of such violations and allows the organization to identify and track emerging issues and trends. Media freedom violations are recorded into Alerts which are distributed worldwide. MISA has been monitoring media freedom since 1992.