Alerts – media violations and victories

The relationship between the Malawi Police Service and the media is almost always sour. The Service usually treats journalists as criminals and not partners in development. 

MISA Stance:

MISA is shocked and deeply saddened that the Police continue to beat up journalists on duty. MISA Chairperson Antony Kasunda called on the Police to change and start treating journalists with the respect that they deserve.

"Beating up reporters and treating them as criminals is barbaric, retrogressive and defeats the spirit of a reformed Police. We would like to remind the Police that mutual respect and a spirit of partnership between the Police and the media is the only way that Malawi can develop and promote peace and security. The media is not an enemy of the State or the Police but a partner in development," Kasunda said.

MISA is still monitoring the condition of Kasakula.