Big Bullets versus Silver Strikers fundraiser grosses MK9m

Big Bullets versus Silver Strikers fundraiser grosses MK9m

MISA Malawi, through its Fundraising Committee, wishes to inform its membership and the general public that the fundraising match between Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikers Football Clubs at Silver Stadium on Sunday, March 25, 2018 grossed a total of MK9, 313, 370.

MK9, 213, 370 of this amount was realised from ticket sales and MK100, 000 from broadcasting rights.  The Chapter spent a total of MK4, 742, 745 on logistics for Big Bullets, security, gate management, medals and promotion bringing the net profit to MK4, 570, 625.

The Chapter had set a target of MK5 million from the game and is glad that the MK4, 570, 625 net profit is not far from the planned target. The chapter considers this to be a huge boost to the fundraising drive.

MISA Malawi would like to thank Nyasa Big Bullets, Silver Strikers, the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM), supporters of the two teams, Malawi Police, the membership of MISA Malawi and the general public who made the initiative a success.

MISA Malawi’s Fundraising Committee has set a target of MK30 million for the procurement of an office building and hopes to hit the target before December 2018.

The football game was the third activity organised to raise funds for the office following a media day at Kumudzi Lodge in September and fundraising dinner in December 2017.  The Chapter also received a contribution of MK 1,000,000 from New Finance Bank. From these, MISA Malawi has so far managed to raise slightly above MK 13, 000,000.

The Chapter is currently exploring other fundraising initiatives which would include sporting activities and musical shows among others.

Teresa Temweka Ndanga

Chairperson, MISA Malawi

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