MISA Malawi’s new website promotes right to information and free speech

MISA Malawi’s new website promotes right to information and free speech

MISA Malawi has launched a new website making it easier to keep up with freedom of expression and access to information developments in Malawi and across southern Africa.

The completely revamped malawi.misa.org website provides in-depth analysis and commentary as well as the latest developments in the media and information sectors. Importantly, it holds an extensive collection of papers, publications and legislation in the website’s Resource Centre.

MISA Malawi also publishes alerts documenting media violations and victories directly to its website. This way, stakeholders can easily track the state of media freedom and freedom of expression in Malawi on our Freedom of Expression Tracker.

The website also includes a comprehensive Media Directory with contact details of all media outlets in Malawi from community broadcasters to newspapers and media training organisations.

“Free speech and access to information aren’t just human rights, they’re also vital to keeping an eye on what government and other institutions are doing and holding them to account,” said MISA Malawi chairperson, Teresa Temweka Ndanga.

“That’s why we have spent months redesigning and reorganising our new website – to make sure those looking for important information can find it quickly and easily.”

To promote the rights to information and free speech more broadly, MISA Malawi plans to provide content in a diverse range of formats, such as video, graphics and text. Malawi.misa.org works on mobile devices as well as on PCs to make it as accessible as possible.

DW Akademie, a German media development organisation, provided technical and editorial support for the website development.

“With our support for the MISA website, we aim to help everyone, from stakeholders and politicians to journalists and ordinary citizens, know more about their fundamental rights to information and freedom of expression,” said Natascha Schwanke, head of DW Akademie’s Africa Division. “And also help everyone know why it’s so vital to support these rights and find out when they are being eroded and how they can be better upheld.”

In a country such as Malawi, where information and documents are scattered among different organisations, “having a one-stop-shop for freedom of expression and access to information is a fantastic resource,” said Sugzo Khunga, Deputy Bureau Chief of the Nation Publications Limited.

Malawi.misa.org is being launched with an event in Lilongwe on September 29 to coincide with International Right to Know day, celebrated around the world on September 28.

About MISA Malawi

The Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi chapter was founded in 1995. Its work focuses on promoting, and advocating for, the unhindered enjoyment of freedom of expression, access to information and a free, independent, diverse and pluralistic media.

Media contact

MISA Malawi Chairperson, Teresa Ndanga
Cell: +265 999 247 911 or email: Teresa.temweka@gmail.com
MISA Malawi National Director Aubrey Chikungwa
Cell: +265 0999327311 or email info@misamalawi.org

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